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Wide Tooth Combs Retail Unit (contains 10 combs) Wide Tooth Combs Retail Unit (contains 10 combs) Wide Tooth Combs Retail Unit (contains 10 combs) Wide Tooth Combs Retail Unit (contains 10 combs)
Sustainable Salons

Wide Tooth Combs Retail Unit (contains 10 combs)

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Product Details

The Sustainable Salons Wide Tooth Comb Box contains 10 of our detangling combs crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic collected from the Sustainable Salons network. This comb can detangle all hair types and has been specially designed to dazzle on your retail shelves, helping you to proudly showcase your commitment to sustainability and the incredible impact you’re making with your salon clients. Each package contains 10 x combs.

Please note that our closed-loop products feature colour variations due to their sustainable origins. As a result, each comb within your point-of-sale box may exhibit hues ranging from light to dark teal, making each piece truly unique and special!

Retail Ready

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RRP: $14.95AU inc GST per comb / $16.45NZ inc GST per comb

Brand Story

Sustainable Salons is a profit-for-purpose enterprise focused on getting people, planet and profit working for each other. We divert up to 95% of salons resources from landfill and find repurposing solutions that benefit the planet and the community.


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